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It can be hard leaving your pet for the day-never mind the week. For longer vacations, I am available to visit with your pet every day to check on your furry friend. If you have any special requests for exercise or medication, no worries. I will take care of it all. I will leave you a DAILY REPORT to let you know how the visit went. I can also pick up your mail, water your plants and do other small errands to make sure your first day back home is STRESS FREE.

If you're just looking for a daily dog walker, you can count on me for that as well. I can stop by as many times a day as you need so you know your pup is getting their exercise! You can rest assured your pet is in the hands of a responsible Pet Sitter! I am the only one that will be caring for your pet while you are gone. Also available to take care of your pets during HOLIDAY PARTIES!

About Me

Hi, I hope you are enjoying my website, Pets In The City Florida. I have been caring for pets for over 20YEARS and have been fortunate to come from a family that has been in the pet industry for over

50 years. I have been envolved in Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting. I am certified in Pet CPR. Pets In The City Florida has one MISSION and that is to make sure that everyone and thier pets are happy and to put them at ease by knowing they have someone they can TRUST to care for thier pets. Please feel free to call me to discuss any questions that you may have concerning qualifications, experience and pricing. Thank you for visiting my website!

Services Include Pet & Home:

Addtional Services Include:

HOTEL PICK-UP- Is available while

Pet Sitting

visiting florida on vacation!

Fresh Ice Water & Feeding Pet

Visit with & meet pets

Walking, Exercise & Play time

Provide Referrences

Outside pet clean up, liter box

Provide Contract

Transportation to Pet Groomer & Vet appt. for your Pet

Make sure your pets receive lots of pampering



Bring in mail, packages

Water Plants while Pet Sitting

Daily Dog Walks- 20.00

Garbage and recycling curbside

Transport pet- 20.00 extra

Make home appear occuppied

Check home security

Does your dog need a walk?